Creative Cleanup at Former Dry Cleaner


Farallon developed an alternate subsurface investigation and cleanup strategy for a California property when the current owner denied access.

Previous investigations at a property historically developed with a dry cleaning facility confirmed the presence of tetrachloroethene (PCE) in the subsurface. Farallon overcame access limitations imposed by the property’s current owner and, as a result of Farallon’s creative approach, was able to implement an off-site remedial solution.

Farallon was retained by an insurance company representing the previous owner of this former dry cleaning facility responsible for remediating subsurface PCE contamination. When the current owner of the property refused to allow access, Farallon used access agreements from adjacent properties and rights-of-way to collect groundwater, soil, and soil gas samples to evaluate the extent of contamination. Farallon designed, installed, and operated a pilot study from an adjacent property to evaluate air sparging with soil vapor extraction and remediate limited contamination in groundwater and soil gas.   

Despite the lack of access to the former dry cleaning facility, Farallon Senior Engineer Matt Nusenow coordinated with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and adjacent property owners to investigate and remediate PCE concentrations in soil gas and groundwater. The client, who works with several consulting firms, stated, “Mr. Nusenow is the only consultant I have worked with who could have pulled this off. I am very pleased with the work that Farallon has performed."