Truck Servicing Facility

Farallon was engaged by a national real estate investment trust of San Francisco to perform environmental due diligence on a 1960s-era truck servicing facility in Oakland, California. The Phase I ESA conducted by Farallon revealed numerous current and historical housekeeping violations, and prior assessment documents identified impact to soil by petroleum-related constituents.  Farallon’s review of documentation of a historical leaking underground storage tank on the property determined that soil and groundwater had not been adequately screened for chlorinated solvents.

Based on the Phase I ESA findings, a comprehensive Phase II ESA was performed to evaluate soil and groundwater conditions beneath the property.  The Phase II ESA targeted sensitive-use areas such as underground and aboveground storage tanks, and floor drains, and included a site-wide screening component.  Petroleum-related constituents and chlorinated solvents were detected at concentrations exceeding regulatory screening levels in soil and groundwater during the Phase II ESA.  Farallon currently is working with the client to develop a purchase and sale agreement to manage the environmental risks posed by the identified chemical impact, and to develop exit strategies under existing and redeveloped use.