Phase I ESAs And Phase II Investigations

Farallon has performed and managed Phase I ESAs and Phase II subsurface investigations for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial properties in Washington State and across the Pacific Northwest. Projects have ranged from assessment of an individual property to multiple Phase I ESAs conducted simultaneously to evaluate risks associated with potential property transactions.  Based on Farallon’s recommendations, Phase I ESAs have been supplemented with surveys for asbestos, radon, and lead-based paint. Upon client request, Farallon has prepared maintenance and management plans for identified asbestos-containing materials.

Based on recognized environmental conditions identified in a Phase I ESA, Farallon has performed Phase II subsurface investigations to evaluate soil and groundwater conditions and quality, and to assess the need for remedial action to mitigate identified environmental liabilities.  In addition to assessing risks associated with property acquisitions, Farallon has used Phase I and Phase II assessment and investigation results to recommend further due diligence or cleanup actions to ensure that acquired sites comply with current environmental regulations.