Wetland Enhancement and Restoration


When a client wanted to turn nonproductive grazing land into waterfowl habitat, Farallon managed every step of the project, from permitting to planting.

Farallon managed a wetland enhancement and restoration project in eastern Oregon for a cattle owner with a strong interest in environmental stewardship.  Farallon helped the client secure funds to convert an area unsuitable for grazing cattle into wetland habitat by obtaining required permits, managing construction activities, and sourcing and planting indigenous vegetation best suited to attracting birds to the restored habitat.

Farallon facilitated an application for project funding with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Partners Program, and executed the Joint Permit Application issued by the Oregon Department of State Lands and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that allowed the project to move forward.

After obtaining project permits, Farallon coordinated with a nonprofit organization dedicated to wetlands conservation, and with contractors to construct the wetlands and install water‑control structures.  Farallon Staff Environmental Scientist Sara Haynes assisted the contractor, created daily job reports for the Project Engineer, and observed the contractor implement design changes.

Following project construction, Farallon established duck nests throughout the project area, and coordinated with local plant nurseries and the Natural Resource Conservation Service to acquire and plant native plant species.

“Working with design engineers and contractors to fulfill our client’s vision was a dynamic and rewarding process,” according to Sara.  “The habitat created as a result of this project comprises more than 15 acres of enhanced and restored wetland areas with a population of diverse bird species, and supports the client’s commitment to a healthy ecosystem and environmental sustainability.”