Water Rights Permitting and Compliance


Oregon clients turn to Farallon for help with water rights permitting and compliance.

Farallon assists Oregon landowners with the three-step process for applying for a water use permit from the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD).  Farallon initially helps clients complete the application forms and track permitting deadlines.  Once a permit has been granted, Farallon facilitates communications for construction of an approved water system to enable clients to begin using the water as permitted.  Farallon also manages water use reporting requirements as part of this step.  Finally, a Farallon Certified Water Rights Examiner completes a survey of water use and helps the client submit the Claim of Beneficial Use to support the water right certificate application.

Under Oregon law, to use water from any source—whether ground water, surface water, or a water source present on the user’s property—the water user must first obtain a permit, and then a water right certificate from OWRD.  The water right permitting process can be complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and ever-changing, depending on drought conditions.  Clients choose to consult with Farallon because of its successful track record and good working relationships with OWRD departments, which help prevent costly mistakes in the permitting process, and reduce lengthy delays in obtaining a permit.

Staff Environmental Scientist and water rights expert Sara Haynes noted, “Farallon Scientists work closely with OWRD experts to stay up-to-date on reporting requirements, hydrogeological mapping updates for various regions in the state, and irrigation well development regulations, so we can best advise our clients."