USDA Program Enrollment and Compliance Management


Farmers and ranchers in California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada rely on Farallon to help with USDA program enrollment and compliance.

Farallon assists owners of cattle and/or land by reviewing U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs specific to their farms or ranches.  Farallon guides these clients through the steps required to enroll in applicable USDA programs, furnish project deliverables, and receive warranted compensation for grazing losses or loss of crop production due to drought, fire, or other natural disasters.

The 2014 Farm Bill resulted in a multitude of USDA programs and services geared toward natural disaster assistance, conservation, insurance, and other issues specific to farmers and ranchers.  The staggered enrollment dates of the various programs make deadline management difficult for farmers and ranchers engaged in daily business operations.  Farallon monitors the deadlines, and enrolls clients in applicable programs administered by agencies such as the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the USDA Farm Service Agency.  Farallon also conducts required compliance monitoring, sampling, and other activities that assist clients in completing lengthy enrollment forms cataloging property-specific information.

Farallon Senior Ecologist Peggy Browne observed, “In 2015, Farallon-facilitated conservation program enrollment focused on providing escape ramps in cattle water troughs, installing wildlife-friendly fencing, creating and following grazing management plans, monitoring grazed-stubble height in pastures after cattle removal, and creating other best management practices that result in long-term sustainability of natural resources and profit margins.”