Land Use Consulting and Permitting


Farallon helped landowners through lengthy permitting process to partition farmland into buildable parcels.

Farallon was retained by the owner of nearly 3,000 contiguous acres of land comprising six tax lots.  Farallon managed all aspects of the permitting process to establish 16 discrete parcels from the original farmland parcels.  This land-use revision will allow the client to pass the land down to succeeding generations without limitations on future construction.

Land-use rules determine whether a dwelling may be constructed on land zoned for exclusive farm use, based on soil productivity, zoning rules, and interpretation of land-use law.  The option to construct a dwelling on a property increases overall property value exponentially, resulting in a long-term increase in portfolio value.

The multi-year land-use project managed by Farallon involved surveying, mapping, and navigating closely regulated permitting requirements.  Project Manager Peggy Browne commented, “I spent the initial phase of the project working with land‑use experts and attorneys to petition the county planning department for revised property adjustments based on historical land-use law and updated proceedings.”  Once the rules specific to this case had been successfully established, Farallon filed sequential property adjustment applications on behalf of the landowner in accordance with county land-use planning regulations, including major and minor partitions, property line adjustments, and property consolidations.

In addition to filing the project documentation required for property adjustments, Farallon coordinated elements of the project among county planning departments, county assessor and county clerk offices, county surveyors, landowner attorneys, and the client.  Project costs and schedules were closely tracked, and documented for the client's future reference.