Leachate Management at Wood Waste Landfill


Farallon provided leachate management services in conjunction with operations support for a wood waste landfill in Eastern Oregon.

The client was struggling to address leachate discharges from an industrial wood waste landfill amid pressure from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Farallon investigated the landfill leachate sources and developed a leachate prevention plan to minimize the generation of leachate and comply with DEQ requirements. 

After initially being brought on by the client to collect water samples and confirm the presence of leachate, Farallon was subsequently able to observe test pits to identify the location and extent of leachate and wood waste, develop a leachate prevention plan, update the landfill operations plan, update landfill operations and closure cost estimates, estimate the amount of volume remaining in the landfill for disposal, develop plans for a leachate collection system, and collect samples of leachate for analysis for dioxins and furans. Farallon also developed a Stormwater Pollution Control Plan to permit stormwater discharges from the landfill under the State of Oregon 1200-Z Industrial Stormwater General Permit. These comprehensive services provided the client with holistic, forward-thinking solutions to bring landfill operations back into compliance and address future discharges.

The client's primary business is not the construction of landfills, so the most important services Farallon was able to provide were recommendations and guidance for constructing the landfill surface with appropriate soil cover material and managing surface drainage to properly shed stormwater. With proper landfill construction and management, the problems associated with leachate generation, collection, and disposal will be significantly minimized or eliminated.