Silver Cloud Hotel - Stadium

Farallon designed and managed a cleanup action in conjunction with the redevelopment of a former downtown Seattle service station as the new Silver Cloud Hotel - Stadium. The cleanup action, which involved excavation and off-site disposal of petroleum-contaminated soil and treatment of contaminated groundwater, was performed under Ecology’s Voluntary Cleanup Program.

To delineate the extent of the contaminated soil and groundwater, Farallon initially completed a subsurface investigation. Farallon then conducted a remedial alternative and cost-benefit analysis feasibility study to support the selection of a cost-effective remedial alternative that would protect human health and the environment and meet the property redevelopment objective to construct a nine-story building with an underground parking garage.

Based on the results of the subsurface investigation and feasibility study, Farallon developed a detailed Cleanup Action Plan that was used to manage the excavation, segregation, and off-site disposal of petroleum-contaminated soil during construction. The cleanup action also involved treatment of contaminated groundwater.  Technical support services provided by Farallon resulted in an efficient and cost-effective cleanup solution for both the former property owner and the property developer, and facilitated timely completion of the planned hotel.