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Tessa Carlson


Staff Analyst
Issaquah, Washington

MS Geology
BS Geology
5 years’ experience

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Tessa completed her master’s degree in Geology at Portland State University, where she studied the applicability of using hydrogen isotope ratios from water preserved within volcanic glass as a proxy for paleo-environmental conditions. She has over 5 years of experience in analytical laboratories, specializing in method development and instrumentation maintenance on inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and ion chromatography systems. In her last position, she focused on quantifying particulate matter in air samples and helped research combustion source profiles of peat burning in different climate zones.

Fun Facts

Tessa currently lives in Reno, Nevada with her partner. When it’s not freezing cold, they keep a garden with over 30 varieties of tomatoes, spicy peppers, and eggplants. She enjoys making homemade dumplings and pastries. She goes camping any chance she can, using U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps to get as far away from commotion as possible.

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