Craig Ware, R.G., L.G.

Craig Ware, R.G., L.G.

Principal Hydrogeologist

California and Oregon Operations Manager
Portland, Oregon Office

  • BA Geology
  • 30 years experience
Direct: (503) 280-4629
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Craig has 30 years of experience in providing consulting services to clients on the West Coast and nationally for acquisition, cleanup, reclamation, and redevelopment projects.  His expertise includes environmental due diligence studies, remedial investigations, redevelopment planning, ecological risk assessment and habitat improvement, and Hazardous Materials Assessments for bridge, roadway, and utility corridor improvements. Craig is the operations manager for Farallon’s California and Oregon offices.

Clients and Industries

  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Real Estate/Financial
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Agriculture
  • Developers/Construction

Proficiencies and Experience

  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Site Characterization
  • Remediation/Cleanup Actions

Key Projects

Fun Facts

Craig has pursued various outdoor interests with a passion (at least for a short time), leading to slightly above-average performance in many arenas, including golf, running, trap shooting, and snow- and water-skiing.  His longstanding interests in hiking, fly fishing, and running persist, with a current goal of finding trout havens in the most obscure high lakes and streams throughout Oregon.  Craig and his wife, Kim, bask in the newfound glory of having two young-adult sons, quality time as a family, and the novel concept of discretionary time.

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