Clifford T. Schmitt, L.G., L.H.G.

Clifford T. Schmitt, L.G., L.H.G.

Principal Hydrogeologist and Co-Founder

Issaquah, Washington Office

  • Licensed Geologist and Hydrogeologist in Washington
  • Professional Geologist in California
  • MS Geology
  • BA Geology/Biology
  • 35 years experience
Direct: (425) 295-0801
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Cliff is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington and California. His 35 years of experience in investigation and cleanup project management include characterizing contamination in soil, groundwater, indoor air, and surface water. Cliff has provided technical services in support of mediation and litigation as well as third-party opinion on numerous projects.

Clients and Industries

  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Real Estate/Financial
  • Developers/Construction
  • Insurance
  • Legal/Litigation

Proficiencies and Experience

  • Site Characterization
  • Remediation/Cleanup Actions
  • Cost Allocation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Expert Testimony
  • Landfill

Key Projects

Fun Facts

Cliff has numerous outside interests, including hang gliding, fly fishing, hiking, and camping.  His goals for this year include making a hang gliding flight greater than 100 miles (his current personal best is 89 miles at a maximum altitude above 13,000 feet) and keeping up with his family at downhill skiing.  Several times each year, Cliff and other Farallon Principals take clients on multi-day fly fishing adventures for Northwest trout and steelhead.  Cliff also has an interest in the quality and expansion of Washington- and Oregon-produced wines.

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