Inside Farallon

Get to know Beth Padgett
June 17, 2019
Get to know Beth Padgett A Farallon team member for 5 years, Beth Padgett is a Project Geologist based out of our Seattle, Washington office. This will be Beth’s fifth year as the Farallon coordinator for Food Frenzy, a friendly competition between local businesses to help feed our hungry neighbors. As coordinator, Beth spends time each year volunteering at the Food Lifeline warehouse and...
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Get to know Emerald Erickson-Mulanax
March 26, 2019
Get to know Emerald Erickson-Mulanax A Farallon team member for 9 years, Emerald is an Associate Geologist based out of our Issaquah, Washington office. Emerald was recently elected to the SURF 2019 Board of Trustees. She became an active SURF member 5 years ago and has participated in the Meeting Planning and Communications Committees. Recently, Emerald participated in the SURF Climate Change...
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Farallon's Q4 2018 Core Value Award Winners
February 14, 2019
Farallon encourages Employee-Owners to personally recognize colleagues and express appreciation for outstanding contributions and exceptional work. On a quarterly basis, Farallon gives special recognition and awards to a select group of fellow Employee-Owners who exemplify Farallon’s Core Values and contribute to company success. This quarter’s core value award winners were chosen by their peers...
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Farallon Welcomes Principal Dan Capozzola and Senior Geologist Catherine Rhode
November 7, 2018
Farallon recently welcomed Principal Dan Capozzola and Senior Geologist Catherine Rhode to its Bend, Oregon office. Dan brings 29 years of experience as a Principal Environmental Scientist and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, with an emphasis in Environmental Studies and Urban Planning. He has extensive experience implementing innovative strategies in environmental consulting...
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Senior Geologist Brian Kahl Joins Farallon's Irvine Team
May 15, 2018
Farallon recently welcomed Senior Geologist Brian Kahl to its offices in Irvine, California.  Brian is an accomplished environmental management professional offering over 30 years of experience managing environmental liabilities, evaluating environmental impacts, and implementing remedial solutions in the public and private sectors. Brian brings a wealth of experience in project management, field...
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Farallon Expands Offering in Northern California
September 7, 2017
Farallon is proud to announce our expansion into Northern California with the opening of our Folsom, California office.  Senior Engineer Matt Hillyard, P.E., leads our team in the Stormwater and Compliance areas of expertise.  Matt joins     Scott Allin, our Principal Environmental Scientist in the Sacramento area, in offering services to our Northern California clients. Matt is a Professional...
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Farallon 2017 Intern Chantal Banfield
August 14, 2017
Chantal Banfield, an Environmental Science and Geography student in the College of the Sciences at Central Washington University, is Farallon’s 2017 intern.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Chantal has a passion for the outdoors and for learning about the complexity of the ecosystems unique to Washington.  After working as a litigation assistant at a local law firm, she decided to make a...
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Farallon Headquarters Comes Together Under One Roof
June 22, 2017
After several years of planning, our Issaquah office is coming together under one roof.  Approximately 45 employees work in the two-story office building that originally housed a printing business and now serves as Farallon headquarters.  We initially shared the second floor with another tenant, and space was limited.  As the firm expanded, some employees moved to a leased site across the street...
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Charitable Giving, Farallon Style
January 18, 2017
Throughout the year, Farallon offices help our communities via volunteer activities such as cleaning up roads and streams, marking storm drains, and sorting food and goods for charity agencies.  Farallon wrapped up 2016 with a month-long event that kicked off with an evening of volunteering at Eastside Baby Corner in Issaquah, Washington, was followed by a drive to collect diapers and blankets,...
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Farallon 2016 Intern Valerie LeCompte
July 29, 2016
Valerie LeCompte, a geology student in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington, is Farallon’s 2016 intern.  After moving from Michigan to Seattle in 2010, she discovered the differences between the Great Lakes water system she was familiar with, and water conditions on the West Coast such as the drought in California and eastern Washington.  Seeing the fragility...
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