Get to know Emerald Erickson-Mulanax

March 26, 2019

Get to know
Emerald Erickson-Mulanax

A Farallon team member for 9 years, Emerald is an Associate Geologist based out of our Issaquah, Washington office.

Emerald was recently elected to the SURF 2019 Board of Trustees. She became an active SURF member 5 years ago and has participated in the Meeting Planning and Communications Committees. Recently, Emerald participated in the SURF Climate Change Technical Initiative as a co-author for a paper on resilient remediation published in the Winter 2018 volume of Remediation.  Be sure to ask Emerald if you have any questions about SURF and connect with her on LinkedIn below. 

Emerald is also a supporter of our Mason Bee program. She is pictured here next to one of our Mason Bee condos. With spring finally making its way to the Northwest, it's time for the bees! 

Emerald on LinkedIn

Associate Geologist
(425) 295-0825