The Future is Bright

January 27, 2016

Thought-provoking discussions, a shared vision for the firm’s future, and strengthened work relationships highlighted the 2015 all-staff Farallon retreat at Suncadia Resort in Washington’s Cascade Mountains.  The firm’s well-established strategic growth initiative and commitment to its distinctive culture and core values have generated steady growth in the number of service areas, office locations, and personnel.

Recent hires Teresa Michelsen and Peggy Browne summarized the skills and experience they bring to Farallon in the areas of sediments and natural resources.  Principal Environmental Scientist Stacy Patterson underscored the growing importance of Farallon’s compliance services, and Bellingham Principal Hydrogeologist and Operations Manager Paul Grabau provided an update on Farallon’s increased involvement in Alaska projects.

Suncadia Opening ReceptionThe retreat also was a chance for
team members from all offices to
spend time together in a relaxed setting.  Stories were told about the company’s early days, and new hires had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Farallon culture, and question old hands about the answers to difficult Farallon BINGO questions: the oldest project, the identity of the third employee, and who shook hands with Elvis.

The energy and camaraderie created at Suncadia exemplify Farallon strengths—communication, collaboration, and vision.  The firm’s commitment to strategic growth, company culture, and core values is the key to its continued success.