Farallon's Q1 Core Value Award Winners

June 25, 2019

Farallon encourages Employee-Owners to personally recognize colleagues and express appreciation for outstanding contributions and exceptional work. On a quarterly basis, Farallon gives special recognition and awards to a select group of fellow Employee-Owners who exemplify Farallon’s Core Values and contribute to company success.

This quarter’s core value award winners were chosen by their peers out of a pool of well-deserved employee recognition nominations. We are proud to share our Q1 2019 award winners with you:   

Gavin Polite Fisco (Oakland) kept the ball rolling to deliver on a promise to a potential client.

Greg Peters (Issaquah) responded to a client quick-turn request to sample groundwater during the busy holiday season.

Matt Nusenow (Irvine) went the extra mile to make the Southern California office a reality.

Jen Moore, Nate Turpen, Chantal Banfield, Lyndsey Needham, Beth Padgett, Sara Haynes, Katie Rayl, Brenden Taylor, Greg Peters, Ryan Ostrom, and Ken Scott demostrated team unity by presenting the annual 8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training company wide. 

Solution Focused
Gabi Ferreira (Portland) demostrated diligence and professionalism under pressure. 

Chantal Banfield (Issaquah) turned a laboratory courier's fail into a win for Farallon by preserving samples over a weekend.