Farallon Receives Waste Prevention and Recycling Honor

August 18, 2016

Best Workplaces 2016Farallon again has been honored by the King County Solid Waste Division as a Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling.  The 2016 Best Workplaces were selected as exemplary models in recycling and reducing waste generated by their company and disposed of at landfills.  The waste-reduction best practices employed by Farallon feed recycled materials back into the economy, and help reduce the impacts of climate change and protect the resources of tomorrow.

As part of its “Going Greener” program, Farallon continuously examines its business practices for more-sustainable and greener options.  Farallon’s almost-paperless invoicing, reporting, and filing systems; recycling initiatives; and composting efforts across all locations have resulted in a reduction of approximately 400 pounds of waste per month.  Biking and using public transportation, and cleaning up local roads, parks, and greenbelts also are routine activities for Farallon staff.

Farallon’s Green Initiative lead Emerald Erickson-Mulanax commented, “The Going Greener program has been very successful since it was implemented in 2011.  Our goal for the years to come is to find innovative ways to continue to reduce our waste and energy consumption.”

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