Farallon Compliance Specialist Sarah Glathar to Present at GOSH

March 5, 2015

GOSH 2015

Sarah Glathar, CHMM, offers her expertise as a Compliance Specialist at the 34th biennial Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health conference March 9 to 12 in Portland.  Sarah will present two courses on Wednesday March 11:

1.  Just Do It:  Survive (and Thrive) During the Environmental and Safety Inspection will offer tips on how to successfully go through an inspection with regulatory agencies, including pre-inspections and documentation.

2.  Going the Distance:  Know Your Environmental Regulations will cover the basics of environmental compliance and management for regulated operations, including hazardous waste, stormwater, oil storage, and spill plan regulations.

Sarah presented at the GOSH conference in 2013, and notes that she is not at all concerned about being one of the few environmental specialists in an ocean of safety professionals.