Farallon and Duke Construction Volunteer with Woape in Sandy, Oregon

June 3, 2015

Woape (woh-ah-pay) is an educational youth program based in Sandy, Oregon that provides community- and occupation-based teaching resulting in spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development and well-being.  Learning experiences take place in both indoor and outdoor classrooms, including a 2-acre community garden.  Program participants work in the garden throughout the summer, eventually selling the produce at local farmers’ markets. 

Volunteers from Farallon’s Portland office and Duke Construction helped prepare the garden area for spring planting by cutting brush, mowing, plowing, and spreading mulch.  Farallon staff came well-equipped with lawn mowers, brush cutters, rakes, weeding tools, and plenty of elbow grease and sunscreen.  Duke Construction provided a skid steer to move piles of compost around the garden.  The beautiful Oregon day ended with blistered hands and smiles all around.

woape dig itFarallon recognizes the importance of community service and giving back.  We continually work with staff and clients to identify ways to demonstrate our dedication to the communities we serve and the environment.

 Woape Bobcat                      Woape brush cutting