Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation

Farallon’s vapor intrusion expertise includes soil gas and soil vapor assessment, subslab soil gas and soil vapor sampling, indoor and outdoor air sampling, landfill gas evaluation, and design and installation of vapor intrusion mitigation measures.  Farallon has worked with regulators, private and public sector clients, attorneys, lenders, developers, and insurance carriers to evaluate whether a vapor intrusion condition exists, assess the source(s), and develop innovative solutions that meet all parties' needs, and protect tenants, workers, and residents during source cleanup action completion.  Farallon also has conducted vapor intrusion screening as part of Phase I Environmental Site Assessment due diligence work for real estate acquisitions.

Representative Farallon Project Experience in Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation:

For additional information, contact Farallon's Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mediation experts:

Jeffrey Kaspar
Principal Geologist
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Principal Engineer
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Matt Nusenow
Principal Engineer
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