Sediment Services

Farallon has worked with “clean” and “contaminated” sediments in marine, estuarine, lacustrine and riverine environments in urban and rural areas of the United. Sediments services provided by Farallon include:

  • Waterfront Property Due Diligence
  • Site Investigation and Characterization
  • Remedial Design and Implementation
  • In-water Construction oversight
  • Source Control Assessment
  • Insurance investigations and claims review
  • Litigation and allocation support
  • Permitting and regulatory support for navigational and remedial dredging projects

Farallon staff have specialized expertise in designing sediment investigations where sediments have been impacted by a wide range of contaminants including metals, refined petroleum compounds, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, and PCBs, focused on providing the key information needed for decision-making, followed by development of cost-effective cleanup solutions. Farallon is experienced in evaluating sediment cleanup technologies and providing cost estimate and design services. Farallon staff are familiar with regulatory staff and programs and can provide effective permitting and regulatory support, following through with construction oversight and monitoring to ensure compliance, risk management, and cost containment. Related staff expertise includes Natural Resource Damage Assessment, natural resource evaluations, habitat restoration, and stormwater management.

Farallon has worked with stakeholder groups, managing public involvement and participation to facilitate successful project completion. For sites involving multiple potentially responsible parties, Farallon provides private-party cost-recovery for environmental investigation and cleanup and for development of allocation programs. For projects involving environmental litigation, Farallon’s experts’ partner with legal counsel to develop technical strategies, prepare technical briefs, expert opinions and reports, rebuttal opinions, expert witness testimony, and testimony as witness of fact for mediation and litigation.

Representative Sediment Project Experience:

For additional information, contact Farallon's Sediment Services experts:

Amy Essig Desai, CEO
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Principal Geologist
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Chris Poulsen, Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
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