Remedial System Design and Operation

Farallon's engineering design services extend from project scoping for feasibility analysis to development of detailed designs for an array of remediation alternatives for soil, soil vapor, and groundwater at a wide variety of occupied and abandoned sites. By integrating client business goals with environmental solutions, Farallon Engineers consistently deliver innovative and cost-effective remedial alternatives that result in timely cleanups. Farallon operates and maintains remediation systems installed at client sites, monitors performance effectiveness, and routinely implements modifications to improve operation, minimize the cleanup time frame, or identify needed system enhancements or changes in approach to complete a cleanup action.

Among the remediation systems Farallon designs, installs, and operates are:

  • Free-product recovery;
  • In-situ air sparging;
  • Soil vapor extraction;
  • Groundwater extraction and treatment;
  • Ozone sparging;
  • Recirculation wells;
  • Vapor mitigation/subslab depressurization systems;
  • Containment cells; and
  • Wastewater treatment systems.

Other remediation services include excavation, soil stabilization, enhanced bioremediation, and chemical oxidation technologies.  Third-party oversight services provided to insurance carriers and other stakeholders include remediation system performance audits, and expert testimony for cleanup actions in litigation.

Representative Remedial System Design and Operation Project Experience:

For additional information, contact Farallon's Remedial System Design and Operation experts: 

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