Overwater Survey Services

We are experienced at providing overwater engineering services across the West Coast and Alaska. To address our clients’ infrastructure challenges, we maintain strong competencies and expertise in overwater surveying, channel design, and maintenance dredging design and permitting. Our public- and private-sector clients rely on our expertise to achieve cost-effective, scientifically defensible solutions for their overwater engineering needs.

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Geotechnical Investigations

At Farallon, we support geotechnical investigations with vibratory core (vibracore) sampling of unconsolidated sediments for grain size, soils testing, and analytical analyses. In addition, we support geotechnical investigations with...

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Maintenance Dredging Design and Permitting

Approximately 325 million cubic yards of sediment in the U.S. are dredged annually to maintain the economic and beneficial uses of the nation’s navigable waterways. An estimated 12 million cubic yards of this annual volume is believed...

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Water Quality Monitoring

Whether for maintenance dredging of clean sediments or remediation of contaminated sediments, Farallon has experience developing water quality monitoring plans with state and federal regulatory agencies across the US. No two dredging...

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Channel Design

Our team provides planning, engineering, and cost estimating for all aspects of navigation, berth, river, and coastal dredging projects.

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Federal Navigation Surveys

We support federal navigation projects with studies, surveys, and inspections for planning, constructing, and maintaining federal ship channels, ports, anchorages, dams, jetties, breakwaters, locks, and aids to navigation.

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Bathymetric Surveys

We conduct hydrographic surveys to create bathymetric contour maps for multiple purposes, including navigation safety, pre- and post-dredge inspections, lake and reservoir volume computations, and site assessments. Bathymetric surveys...

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Underwater Utility Surveys

Our team of experts provides a wide range of support to utility installation and replacement projects, including permitting; hydrographic, land, and aerial surveys; sampling and testing of sediments; access route design; and sediment...

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Navigability Studies

We are the first contractor hired on many major construction projects, responsible for identifying the optimal overwater access route for tugs and barges to deliver supplies, materials, and personnel to remote overwater construction sites.

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Marine Geophysical Surveys

Our marine geophysical surveys determine the topography of the seafloor, provide acoustic images of the seabed, and generate high-resolution maps of sub-bottom geological features. Our geophysical surveys identify the horizontal and...

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