Construction Support Services

Farallon's experience managing large-scale remediation and redevelopment projects includes erosion control, wastewater management, protection of structures, and segregation of contaminated soil.  This work has been integrated with redevelopment design and construction at project sites that have involved deep excavations, steep slopes, and critical habitat areas. Farallon's ability to conduct cleanup actions concurrently with redevelopment design and construction increases the efficiencies of both schedule and cost, facilitating timely project completion.

Among the construction support services Farallon offers for property redevelopment projects are:

  • Preparing contractor bid specifications;
  • Managing the contractor bidding process;
  • Supporting construction quality assurance; and
  • Managing waste classification and segregation during construction.

Representative Construction Support Project Experience:

For additional information, contact Farallon's Construction Support experts:

J. Riley Conkin
Principal Geologist
(425) 295-0804
Clifford T. Schmitt
Principal Hydrogeologist and Co-Founder
(425) 295-0801